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Noah Malik dancing Topeng Kelana, a masked dance from Cirebon, Indonesia

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Instruments of the Gamelan


Lare Grage
A very interesting blog with short entries written in both Bahasa Indonesia and Basa Jawa Cerbon about many aspects of Cirebon culture, including gamelan, wayang, dance, batik, keraton2, wali sanga, legends and history.

American Gamelan Institute
An internationally recognized authority on gamelan. Numerous Cirebon entries.

Gamelan Sekar Enggal
An ensemble based in London and directed by Simon Cook, which specializes in gamelan degung. They also play Sundanese gamelan salendro and kacapi suling.

Pusaka Sunda
A gamelan degung ensemble, directed by Burhan Sukarma and Rae Ann Stahl, dedicated to performing traditional and contemporary gamelan degung music from West Java, Indonesia.

Evergreen Club Gamelan
Based in Toronto, Canada is dedicated to contemporary music and to traditional Sundanese music with gamelan degung master Burhan Sukarma.

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